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Brad Connell

Brad Connell is from Atlanta, Georgia, and studied Architecture at Georgia Tech before finishing his BFA at Georgia State University. He later earned his MFA from the University of Kentucky and remained there to teach sculpture and drawing courses for 8 years as an Adjunct Professor. As a recipient of the Commonwealth Research Grant while at UK, he traveled to Krakow, Poland and built a metal foundry for The Academy of Fine Art and The University of Mining and Metallurgy. Brad is a certified welder and utilizes his background in foundry, architecture, and fine art to design, build, fabricate, and cast metal for Prometheus Art, among other contributions. He is also studied in restoration and conservation and has lent his expertise on various job sites from historical work to modern. 

Brad Connell
 Brad in the Foundry

Both Amanda and Brad have work in collections throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  They provide the following professional services for Public Art, Metal Sculpture, Monuments, and Architectural Metal Work including Historic Sculpture Restoration and Conservation:

  • Site-Specific Design & Build (including comprehensive collaboration with design teams)

  • Casting (Bronze and Aluminum)

  • Metal Fabrication (Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless & Carbon Steel)

  • Transportation, Rigging, Installation, and Commercial Insurance Coverage

  • Restoration, Cleaning, Conservation of Sculpture and Historic Architectural Metalwork (Institutional Member of AIC)


Their clients include:  State Governments, Universities, Municipalities, Corporations, Architects, Engineers, and the US Federal Government including the US Dept of Defense, US Army, & US Navy 

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