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The Last Time Your Name Is Spoken


Short description:

To help ease her suffering, the primordial goddess, Gaia, embodies a rural, middle-aged artist, forging determination to break the cycle of bondage hemmed into their very existence.

In a collision of two mighty forces,  The Last Time Your Name is Spoken reveals a dark and lyrical story of abuse, survival, and redemption that encourages eradication of oppression in all of its forms.

Gaia laying down with her face (left of image) looking at viewer with a sad/melancholy gaze, crying. Blue wash on image.
Bronze crown made of leaf structures in a woven pattern sitting on a white backdrop
Painting of the film poster, depicting an abstract crow on the right, black hole in the middle/left with a pair of hands

Artwork by Audrey Matthews-Fields, 2024

Oh DeathAmanda Matthews
00:00 / 02:25
Gaia wearing cloak in dark forested area, hidden to viewer in the darkness. Gaia stands closer to right side of image.
Surreal edited image of forested area up close, looks like a painting of dark tree limbs and branches
Studio scene with dramatic lighting of artist/Gaia looking away from camera, slightly dancing w/ figurative paintings in back
Image of globus cruciger orb in silver tone with cross above, and a red wax candle on top
Bronze King's crown with ruby embellishments and engraved and cast details of monarchy crest
Image of stormy green skies with a sliver of the moon hidden peaking through the clouds
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